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My name is Tess Tucker and I am the artist behind Pearl of a Girl Nursery.  


A "reborn" is an extremely lifelike vinyl doll, painted with several thin layers to achieve as much realism as possible.  I have been reborning since July of 2013 and have not stopped since!  I love my work, and I love that I have become a part of the reborn community.  I truly believe it has made me a better person.


Each one of my babies is created with several thin layers of Genesis Heat-Set paints.  I take inspiration from every reborn artist I can find as well as the children I work with, adopting little aspects of new techniques as I gain more and more experience with this fantastic art.  


Due to the increase in "Is this a full body silicone?" emails, I feel the need to clarify that every single one of these dolls is a vinyl reborn doll, not silicone.  But if you've never had a vinyl doll before, you should know that it is soft to the touch, the fingers and toes are often quite flexible, and the cloth body allows for the best cuddles and super realistic posing!




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Words from My Customers



"Tess Tucker is, in my opinion, one of the most talented reborn artists out there. I have owned 7 (with 2 on the way) of her creations over the past year. I can, with great confidence say that she consistently produces beautiful, lifelike, realistic and detailed babies. Tess always handles herself and her business with professionalism, respect, quality communication and clear representation of her work (WIP photos, HD photoshoots, and making sure you are updated with the progress of your baby regularly). She is also constantly learning and honing her craft. Each doll I have received from her has been more beautiful, more realistic and more stunning than the last, and she is always trying to improve on her art, and I have never met anyone who has more passion when it comes to creating these gorgeous pieces of art. She has my complete recommendation, and I promise, if you are ever in the position to adopt one of her babies, you will not be disappointed. They are of the highest quality, and will bring a brightness to your collection like they have brought to mine."

Annie R.


"Tess is amazing to work with and probably the best artist I've found during my days and days of research.  A true sweetheart and artist!  Tess just makes the entire experience so very special.  I found that my experience with Tess over the last year (and multiple babies) have always been met with clear communication, the expectations stated so that the buyer and seller knew exactly what to expect, and her policy is beyond amazing. I was really impressed by the time Tess took to create her policy, to lay out all the details, and to consult with me on what I envision the baby to be like. I was even more appreciated that Tess went above and beyond when creating this baby. She has a great business mindset, which is necessary in any kind of transaction, but she also puts so much of herself into these babies. 

She's human - she puts so many human qualities in these reborns, so much love and comfort, and she understands and meets the needs of the buyer. When you get a "Tess" baby and hold it for the first time, you feel all of this love radiating from this doll. You feel soothed and comforted and then, afterwards, you look at the details and become breathless. Down to the shading around the knuckles and the blushing of the feet and the veins, the level of detail and depth and realism that Tess creates is beyond comprehension."

Avery K.


"Thank you, Tess, for bringing [my doll] to life, because like I've told you time and time again, you're very, very talented!  I love your work.  You're an awesome person to work with, your communication is key, you answer back within a timely manner...  I mean, just everything from head to toe is a wonderful experience with Tess."

Evonne L.



"I didn't get [my doll] custom made from you, but she's amazing!  Your work is amazing.  I can't wait until I'm done paying for the customs in progress so I can own a custom creation from you.  Keep up the good work, Tess!  You are making people very happy!"

Jazz M.


"Tess, I am speechless every single time I look at these two beautiful babies you've made.  This goes to show how amazing your work is.  The fact that I've bought TWO babies from you and I'm hoping to buy more is amazing.  I have never gotten two babies from the same reborn artist due to the fact that I want to see all the different art work that's been done with the babies.  But I just can't get enough of how amazing your work is and how your work just gets more and more amazing.  I can't wait to get another baby from you and see how much MORE you grow, because I think by now you should be doing prototypes."

Daisy G.


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